The British Cycling Limitless has partnered with a Falmouth company, making them the supplier to the Limitless programme.

ICE Trikes, an adaptive cycle manufacturer, will provide clubs with support and funding to deliver activities for disabled riders through this partnership.

Lyndsey Hollands, National Disability manager for British Cycling, said: "This is an exciting step in our long-term ambition to break down the barriers which disabled people when accessing cycling.

"It’s the first time British Cycling has partnered with an adaptive cycling manufacturer, and will have an incredibly positive impact on our Limitless programme and the ability of clubs to create more opportunities for riders.

Falmouth Packet: The partnership is said to be the first of its kind with an adaptive cycle manufacturer

“It’s great to see some our Limitless Focus Clubs already receiving their trikes, and the joy on their rider's faces, and we’re excited to see the partnership flourish in the years ahead.”

British Cycling Limitless said the partnership is the first of its kind with an adaptive cycle manufacturer.

Clubs in Cornwall, Kent and the Wyre Forest have received gifted trikes. There are plans to deliver more throughout the year.

Launched in February 2023, the Limitless programme supports a nationwide network of 50 clubs, with 95 per cent of participants reporting a greater sense of inclusion and welcome within the sport, according to British Cycling Limitless.

Falmouth Packet: The Limitless programme supports a nationwide network of 50 clubs

The recumbent trike models, it said, are built to ensure a comfortable ride for riders with a wide range of impairments.

Adrian Davies, managing director of ICE Trikes, said: "ICE Trikes is incredibly proud and honoured to partner with British Cycling and to be part of Limitless; as a UK employee-owned business, our purpose is to ‘put a smile on people’s faces through inspired cycle engineering’ and we have so many customer stories of just how our trikes have changed their life for the better - regardless of age, impairment, or the ability of the rider.

"With British Cycling we can work to break down barriers, inspire change and create more inclusive cycling opportunities."