Helston residents have been giving their opinions on what should happen to the empty Budgens building in the town centre following a suggestion of another supermarket.

A resident of Helston had written to the town council advocating for the conversion of the former supermarket into an Aldi store.

The store, once a Budgens, Co-op, and Somerfield, has been vacant and declining since its closure in 2017, with reports that homeless people had recently been taking refuge there.

The suggestion of an Aldi, which was first reported by the Packet on Tuesday, and which Helston Town Council will discuss tonight (Thursday), has prompted a strong reaction social media. 

Although some residents agree that the derelict building needs refurbishing, a number of other suggestions have emerged, spanning recreation centres to essential services.

One resident envisioned a site for families and youngsters, saying: "It's big enough to have a little cafe with a bowling alley, pool tables, dart boards etc."

Besides recreation, there were ideas for the healthcare sector as well.

A resident said: "We don't need another supermarket; what we need are more medical/dental facilities to support the ever-expanding population."

Others held a more entrepreneurial perspective.

One pitched the concept of an indoor market for local small business owners, while another suggested the idea of a community hub to support social and mental well-being for all ages.

Some comments reflected frustration over the seemingly stagnant situation.

One resident said: "Even just knocking it down would be better than what it is."

While the public feelings towards a new supermarket are mixed, a strong sense of need for action is evident.

Another resident added: "Whatever becomes of it, just get on with it.

"This has gone on so long; I don't care what happens anymore, so long as something is done and quickly."

You can read more about the original suggestion by a Helston resident here: New use suggested for old Budgens building in call for action to town council

Helston Town Council will meet at the Guildhall this evening (Thursday) at 7pm for its full council meeting, at which the letter will be discussed.