A customer who became “aggressive and abusive” after being kicked out of a Falmouth pub has been found guilty of assaulting door staff who stopped him from getting back in.

Taylor Crooks, 22, failed to appear at Truro Magistrates Court for the remainder of his trial on Wednesday (January 18) which had already been part heard. His defence lawyer Barry Hilliard told magistrates his client was sick, although he had no evidence of this.

Crooks, of Shute Meadow, Penryn had pleaded not guilty to three counts of assault by beating against three different men outside Five’s Cyderhouse, on April 1 last year. Crooks accused one of the bouncers, James Wright, of assaulting him. But magistrates rejected that claim saying they found Mr Wright was a “credible witness”.

The incident happened after Crooks was ejected from Five’s Cyderhouse and the bouncers refused to let him back in.

Crooks had pleaded not guilty to assaulting James Wright, Reece Flexon and Owain Ashton by beating.

Chris Rendell CPS prosecution said Wright claimed he was grabbed for no reason and kicked out of the pub for no reason. He claimed he knew the manager and wanted to get back into the premises to speak to him about it but the bouncers had hold of him and wouldn’t let him back in.

However the prosecution said from the footage seen there was no doubt how aggressive Crook’s behaviour had been.

“They did what they are expected to do when Crooks wanted to go back into the premises and he was behaving aggressively,” said Mr Rendell. “He was prepared to use violence against others. It was completely lawful and right to put hands on the defendant to prevent him from coming back in.”


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He said Mr Wright took Crooks by his arms to ensure his removal and Crooks became violent and abusive and assaulted staff. Another member of staff had also grabbed him around the neck.

Returning a guilty verdict on all three charges, magistrates said they did not accept Crooks claim that he had been punched by Mr Wright and found him a credible witness. They said Mr Wright had used necessary force to control Crooks who was aggressive and abusive.

Crooks was granted conditional bail for sentencing at Truro Magistrates' Court on February 22 to allow a pre-sentence report to be prepared.