The winner in a competition to design a name and logo for a new lager at Penryn’s university bar has been revealed.

The Stannary Bar, based at the Tremough Campus, offered a £50 bar tab who created the best design for the new draft lager.

After an early lead for an alternative design, the winner has now been announced as Charlie Brice, following a hard-fought vote.

Charlie named the beer ‘Après Study’ while his design created a pint of beer out of the two words – ‘study’ being the beer in the glass, topped by ‘après’ foam.

He also used the colour scheme from the university rugby team’s kit for his design.

Falmouth Packet: The winning logo for the lager now named Apres StudyThe winning logo for the lager now named Apres Study (Image: Charlie Brice)

The logo now features on the bar tap for the 4% craft lager at the Stannary.

The team at FX Plus said: “Numerous votes were cast, and while Lilly took an early lead, there was a big surge in votes for Charlie's design in the final 24 hours.

“Amazing work, well done Charlie! Enjoy your £50 bar tab win with your friends, and be sure to sample some 'Après Study' soon!”

Charlie told the Packet: “I am delighted with the positive response it has received.”

The four other designs in the running were by Niamh Shannon, Alice Macey and Lilly Badulescu.