THE new landlord of a pub that will be reopening today has expressed his excitement to reopen after taking over with his wife. 

Nick and Tanya Swanson took over the Bucket of Blood in Hayle last month after previous owners Pete and Nic moved on a the start of the year. Since then, the couple and their team have given the building a little refresh and are now ready to reopen as of today. 

Speaking to The Packet ahead of the pub's reopening, Nick said: "We've been shut for a couple of weeks and we've just been painting, decorating, and giving the place its annual refresh. 

"The previous landlord and landlady took over a couple of years ago and I started working for them as a chef, and we did really well. Our food sales were good, we got TripAdvisor awards, and last year we got top ten per cent restaurants in the world on TripAdvisor. 

"We'd had some really good reviews, and then the landlord and landlady said they were leaving, so my wife and I decided to take it on. I knew the locals, the vibe, and the experience of the pub, and my wife grew up in the village, so it was a really nice transition."

Announcing the fact they were moving on, previous landlord and lady, Pete and Nic shared their goodbyes on social media, saying: "We've had the most wonderful adventure running the Bucket these past couple of years, but it's time for us to make way for Fresh Blood!

"This is quite simply the best pub in the world, and it's been our absolute privilege being here. We are so grateful to all our lovely locals and regulars for making our time here so memorable. Thank you!

"And fear not, you are in very safe hands, as familiar faces will be taking the reigns, ensuring this remains a 'Proper Pub.'

"Things change, but the future is bright and we're looking forward to joining you all for drink very soon.

"Thank you, everyone, it's been a blast! Cheers n' gone! Love, Pete & Nic."

When it comes to what visitors can expect from the newly reopened Bucket of Blood, new landlord Nick mentioned three things he was looking forward to sharing with the locals. 

"Good beer, good food, good music, those are our things, and we really want to push the food this year since we did so well over the last few years, so that's where we're starting off," Nick explained. 

"We just want to promote good food, a nice atmosphere, and it's really relaxed here. We use as much Cornish produce as possible to promote things from Cornwall, because there's not enough of it."

Nick also told The Packet how he often exchanged texts with locals who were dying to know when the pub would be reopening. 

"We've had such good support for the locals and it makes you feel elated and have some admiration for the fact that people have been so supportive to a community business," Nick said. 

The Bucket of Blood Pub will be reopened for business from 12pm today (Thursday, February 1.)