A NEW competition has launched in Cornwall offering entrants the chance to win a dream home on a five-star resort while also helping provide funds for local charities. 

Dream Comp has announced it has launched an exciting ‘Omaze’ style competition, offering participants the chance to win a four-bedroom, fully furnished holiday home at the luxury, five-star Retallack Resort, close to the charming fishing port and culinary destination of Padstow.

However, the competition is more than just an opportunity to escape to a coastal paradise—it's a philanthropic endeavour with a purpose. Dream Comp has also said that 100 per cent of the proceeds from the giveaway will go towards supporting children's cancer charity, Hugs Children's Cancer Charity, as well as Rock 2 Recovery, a charity changing the lives of those in our armed forces, our veteran community and the emergency services and their families, making every entry a contribution to the community.

Initiated by South West-based entrepreneur, Ben May, this brand-new competition not only presents a life-changing prize but also serves as a vital lifeline supporting the invaluable work of local charities.

Dad-of-two Ben, aged 46, said: “This is an amazing opportunity to provide sustainable support to these charities - and many others in the future, whilst also changing lives with the dream prizes.”

Initially, a Crowdfunder has been launched with the top prize of 1,400 tickets in the Dream Comp jackpot prize draw to win a four-bedroom, fully furnished holiday home in the five-star Retallack Resort and Spa in Cornwall.

Ben continued: “This would give you a fantastic chance of winning the grand prize, worth an amazing £550,000, where your odds of winning the jackpot will be just 1,400 to one.

"As the business grows, I hope to share this legacy with multiple charities - in much the same way Omaze, but this can only come with exposure and ultimately people buying tickets for our draws.

“Our first two nominated charities are Hugs Children's Cancer Charity and Rock 2 Recovery and they will be sharing 100 per cent of the profits from our first jackpot draw between them. This is not only a life-changing prize, but a lifeline to the work of these fantastic charities.

“You will be doing your bit to support both children with cancer and families of our servicing armed forces, emergency services and veterans combat stress related conditions, such as PTSD and depression.

“And for our supporters - each and every donation will get at least one entry into our draw to win a huge advantage in our main draw, giving the winner a 1,400 to one chance of winning that dream prize. So what are you waiting for? It could be you!”