Falmouth has been voted no1 in the top 20 Most Depressing Places to Live 2024 by a popular website – voted for by its readers.

Each year the ILIVEHERE website gets its readers to vote for the most depressing place to live in Britain and tell them why, and this year they voted for Falmouth.

The website sounds as surprised as many other people living in the town will be about the result.

It describes Falmouth as an interesting, “vibrant” town with lots going for it.

Falmouth Packet: So depressingSo depressing

Announcing the result it says: "The power of social media and word of mouth is what propelled Falmouth to No.1. Falmouth was a reader entry and rapidly started to challenge the mighty Peterborough, beating the Cambridgeshire synonym for depression by just 27 votes in the last 12hrs of voting.

"We have to admit, we know absolutely nothing about Falmouth. We googled it, it looks picturesque but we’re sure it’s a facade it trades on, and who are we to question the wisdom of the crowd?

"Hell we might even take a trip to this Cornish port and stay in an AirBnB that is now owned by a London landlord that a local family once lived in, to take in what we imagine is a sterile socially cleansed fishing theme park for DFLs."

It goes onto say: “Falmouth is an interesting town. Vibrant, with a lot going for it. Numerous beaches and yacht havens. Yes this may seem like an ideal place to be, but there are areas that blight this town’s image.”

The website goes on to be less flattering of other areas of the town which they go on to describe as being a “dumping ground” saying the worst places are Old Hill and Acacia.

Falmouth Packet: Nothing going onNothing going on

The news will come as a surprises to many as last year Falmouth was ranked as the second-best place to live in Cornwall for 2023, according to Muddy Stilettos.

It was also voted one of the best places to live in Cornwall in 2024 by the same website


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It was also named as the best place to live in the south west in the prestigious Sunday Times Best Places To Live Guide.

'Despite its less than favourable comments, Old Hill has a lot going for it not least the Dracaena Centre which acts as a community hub bringing the people together.

Just in the last three months three restaurants in the area have been entered into the prestigious Michelin Guide.

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