A WOMAN from St Austell has been jailed by a court in Cornwall for assaulting a man and breaching a criminal behaviour order. 

Elisha Hart, aged 27, of St Austell, appeared at Truro Crown Court on Thursday, February 1 on one count of breaching a criminal behaviour order and one count of assault by beating. 

Hart was among a number of defendants sentenced in courts in Devon and Cornwall between Monday 29 January and Friday 2 February.

The offences took place in St Austell on January 3, 2024 where Hart assaulted a male victim by beating him and, in doing so, caused alarm and fear, which she was prohibited from doing by a criminal behaviour order made back in March of 2018. 

Falmouth Packet: Elisha Hart of St AustellElisha Hart of St Austell (Image: Devon and Cornwall Police)

Hart pleaded guilty to both offences and, during her sentencing, was handed down a prison sentence of 12 months. 

According to the Sentencing Council, sentences handed down for these types of offences vary depending on a number of factors such as whether the offence committed was common assault, actual bodily harm, or grievous bodily harm or wounding.

Sentences are also worked out by assessing harm and culpability, that is, whether the attack was sustained or repeated and how responsible the offender was for the assault.

The maximum sentence for breaching a criminal behaviour order is five years' custody, with offences ranging from a fine to four year's custody. The maximum sentence for this offence in magistrates’ courts is 6 months’ custody