An artist-run community interest company is celebrating another year of its 'Active Looking' project.

To celebrate, Make it Better CIC will be hosting several community days, aligned with an exhibition showcasing work by local groups.

Using photography as a tool to view the world, the Active Looking project introduces art to new audiences in an accessible way.

Formed in 2017, Make it Better (also known as Mitber) CIC aims to improve lives through creativity.

It fosters a supportive community, helping to alleviate the stigma around health conditions and combating isolation through art.

Last year saw 70 incidences of suicide in Cornwall, but initiatives like the Active Looking project are a chance at reducing such numbers.

The project encourages slow, mindful observation of the world, a tool now being utilised in museums and galleries nationwide, indicating a broader approach to suicide intervention that focuses both on crisis management and prevention.

Amy Gosney from Cornwall Wildlife Trust, who collaborated with Mitber, said: "By joining with Make it Better (Mitber) CIC we have empowered people who find for some reason they aren't able to go out into nature, this project gave them a purpose to do something positive and improve their wellbeing".

During the past year, Mitber has joined forces with local groups such as Adult and Young Peoples Social Prescribing, Chaos group, Carefree Cornwall, CN4C home educators, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and St Petrocs among others.

Ruth Purdy, executive director at Make it Better said: "Our work is about collaboration, with families, young people and adults of all ages, our creative communities.

"Creativity helps us to live well, to contribute, make connections and look after our cultures.

"It allows us to come together, to take part and have a voice."

The community days celebrating the project will involve workshops and partnership days.

An art exhibition will be on display at G12 Gallery, Krowji, Redruth from February 14 to February 24.

It will feature art, film, photography and cyantotypes created by workshop attendees.

To support the Active Looking project, the public can donate via a dedicated Crowdfunder campaign.