A Truro car dealer has given all the important tips to people considering buying their first electric car.

With electric vehicles (EV) predicted to account for 25 per cent of all new passenger car sales in the UK in 2024, Vertu Volvo Truro is helping prospective owners navigate the transition process.

The Truro car retailer urges the public to work out what they really need, budget for less maintenance, prepare for charging, understand your budget and visit their dealership in person ahead of making a purchase.

Tom Rothwell, sales manager from Vertu Volvo Truro, said: "Truro drivers are welcome to drop in and speak with our expert team about purchasing their first electric car at any time, but for those too busy to visit, we’ve included our five top tips to help you start the new year off in the right gear."

Mr Rothwell suggested that EV buyers need to ensure the vehicle they choose will suit all aspects of their lifestyle.

Falmouth Packet: Vertu Volvo Truro is helping prospective owners navigate the transition process

Apart from the size, range, and efficiency of the vehicle, customers need to keep in mind that charging an EV with a bigger battery may take longer.

For those concerned about the potential maintenance costs, he reassured that they could be lower than that of a petrol or diesel car.

He said: "One of the main selling points of an electric car is that maintenance is generally much simpler and cheaper than that of a petrol or diesel car."

Getting set up for charging is crucial too, according to Mr Rothwell.

For most EV owners, getting a home charging point installed would be beneficial as it offers the most time-effective option.

He also encouraged potential EV buyers to research public charging facilities as well.

"Know your budget" advised Mr Rothwell, highlighting the importance of understanding what customers can afford and finding the right vehicle for their price range.

Lastly, Mr Rothwell emphasised the significance of viewing the car in person before deciding.

He invited prospective electric car drivers to Vertu Volvo Truro between February 16 and 25 to talk with experts and take advantage of available promotions.

He said: "We strongly believe that buying a new car should be an exciting time, not a stressful one, and so looking forward to getting 2024 off to an electrifying start!"

For further enquiries, Vertu Volvo Truro can be contacted via the website vertumotors.com/volvo or phoning 01872 300653.