Local residents and readers of the Falmouth Packet have given their creative and inspiring name suggestions for Cornwall's gritters.

Cornwall Council has launched a competition to name the county’s superheroes of salt-spreading.

The nameless machines have traversed over 27,000 miles on nearly 750 runs this winter season already, to ensure roads remain accessible.

Locals have been having some fun when it comes to thinking of names for the gritters.

Recommendations include "Grit-mas", "The Gritallo", "Grit and Determination", "Usain Salt", "Salt Ives" and "Grita Thunberg".

The creativity did not end there, however, as some readers suggested "The Lizard Blizzard Wizard", "The Gritest Showman", '"Gritallica", "Sled Zeppelin", "Ice Ice Baby", "Snow What!" and more.

You can see all the suggestions from readers so far on the Packet Facebook page. 

Falmouth Packet: Cornwall Council has launched a competition to name the county’s superheroes of salt-spreading

These gritters, often seen zipping about in their distinctive yellow uniforms, lack individual recognition despite their extensive services, which the council hopes to rectify with this competition.

Richard Williams-Pears, the Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport, said: "We need suitable, family friendly, Cornwall-themed names for the gritters."

He encouraged residents to draw inspiration from local heroes, legendary locations and festivals, instead of resorting to generic names like "Gritney Spears", "Spreadie Mercuries" and "Gritty McGritface".

Cornwall, managed by Cornwall Highways, has 25 gritting vehicles, with an extra three in reserve.

Each of the salting routes managed by these gritters, principally covering Cornwall's frequently used A and B roads, can take up to three hours to finish gritting.

These routes see approximately 80 per cent of daily traffic.

Steve Bayley, Cornwall Highways network manager, said he was looking for plenty of public participation and urged residents to submit their creative suggestions by 11.59pm on Thursday, February 22.

Applicants may also enter the competition by visiting https://letstalk.cornwall.gov.uk/name-that-gritter.

For residents who don't have access to internet, suggestions can be submitted by calling 0300 1234 100.