A "full-closure order" on a house in Camborne has been granted to police in response to a catalogue of reports of anti-social behaviour and disorder at the property.

The neighbourhood policing team, in partnership with Cornwall Council’s anti-social behaviour team, were granted a full closure order for a property on Adelaide Street in Camborne yesterday (Wednesday, February 7.

Falmouth Packet: The house in Adelaide Street was boarded up after a catalogue of anti-social behaviour and disorder at the propertyThe house in Adelaide Street was boarded up after a catalogue of anti-social behaviour and disorder at the property (Image: Devon and Cornwall Police)

The closure order, which has been granted in response to a catalogue of reports of anti-social behaviour and disorder from the property, was welcomed by the neighbourhood policing team. Now that the closure order has been granted, it means no one will be able to enter the property for the next three months.

Before the application for the closure order was made to Truro Magistrates Court, the neighbourhood team attempted to engage with the tenants to resolve the issues, as the frequent anti-social behaviour was having a significant, detrimental impact on the surrounding community.

Despite their efforts, Devon & Cornwall Police and Cornwall Council continued to receive complaints from neighbours regarding the property, the tenants, and their visitors. Therefore, the closure order was needed to ensure residents could live peacefully within their community.

Camborne’s new Inspector Louisa Brown commented: “Our thanks go to the local community for raising these concerns with us. The neighbourhood policing team has worked closely with Cornwall Council’s anti-social behaviour team to address these concerns, and we are pleased that the Magistrates Court have granted the full closure order for the property. We believe this is a really positive result and will improve the lives of local residents.”

The full closure order was granted for three months at Truro Magistrates Court on Wednesday 7 February in order to prevent the tenants from causing any further distress to local residents.

Police say that collaborative work between Camborne neighbourhood policing team and partner agencies will continue for the three-month period the closure order is in place, in an effort to ensure the tenants of the property are unable to negatively impact the surrounding community.


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Both the neighbourhood policing team and the anti-social behaviour team from Cornwall Council say they have proactively engaged with local residents to encourage them to report any suspected breaches of the closure order. Any breaches of the closure order can be punishable with imprisonment, a fine, or both.

Inspector Brown added: “If you have any information or concerns within your local area that you wish to raise, please report them on our website.”

The website can be found www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/ro/report/asb/asb-v3/report-antisocial-behaviour/, or alternatively, please call 101

The neighbourhood team says it regularly posts updates about the work they are doing to protect local communities and reduce crime within the area on their Facebook page.

To sign up to Devon & Cornwall alert https://alerts.dc.police.uk/ to hear the latest information directly from Devon & Cornwall Police.