Residents and readers of the Falmouth Packet have named the Cornwall towns and villages that are mispronounced the most - and you may be surprised.

Quizzed about the biggest tongue-twisters in the county, readers responded with an array of places where even seasoned locals can slip up.

From the amusingly misinterpreted "Mouse hole" to the often butchered "Megavissey" instead of Mevagissey, there is no doubt that Cornwall's place names can be problematic to pronounce.

People regularly mentioned "Fowey", often pronounced as "Fow'wee" , and "Widemouth", misread as "wide mouth".

Some even confuse Cornish locations with tasty dishes, namely Cury as Curry - another classic pronunciation pitfall.

Falmouth Packet: Fowey, Mousehole, Cury, Praa Sands and more dominated the responses

A number of readers identified "St Keverne" as a regular offender, and reported other frequently mispronounced places as "Marazion, Manaccan, Gweek and many more".

Truthwall, often incorrectly pronounced as "Truth-wall", and "Germoe", mispronounced as "germ-oe", were also included in the responses.

Some people also admitted to having struggled with "Breage", with one stating: "Someone I knew pronounced it in a slightly French way in Bray-ahge".

" in maybe" and "Launceston" surfaced as regular stumbling blocks too.

Falmouth Packet: St Michael's Mount is Marazion's main attraction

A particularly memorable recollection came from one reader who shared: "I was once asked for directions to Man A Can - I knew where they meant but wow."

Evidently, for everyone from locals to tourists getting to grips with the Duchy's unique place names is quite the task.

Whether it's mispronouncing "Tegontha" as "Tregonetha" or saying "Pray Sands" instead of "Praa Sands", these are all part of the charming journey through Cornwall's diverse linguistic landscape.