A woman whose younger brother died by suicide has launched a new charity in Cornwall to lend support to those affected by suicide loss.

Sunrise aims to provide safe spaces for bereaved friends, siblings, parents, partners, family members and colleagues to meet, talk, and share their experiences.

This is often carried out through therapeutic music, art and wellbeing events, workshops and activities.

Sunrise was founded by Serena Pettigrew-Jolly and her husband Elliott Jolly, together with their close friends Jasmin and Becky.

All the founders and a growing number of supporters share a lived experience of losing someone to suicide.

Mrs Pettigrew-Jolly said: "In January 2019, I lost my younger brother Sonny to suicide. He was 35 when he died. 

Falmouth Packet: Serena's brother, SonnySerena's brother, Sonny (Image: Sunrise)

"His passing was devastating, and it changed our world. He was a brilliant person – so funny, clever and talented. 

"He was an incredible musician and artist and was so loved by everyone who met him, but for 14 years he suffered with debilitating mental illness, and we along with his friends and the wider family felt so lost in how to help him."

She stated: "Through Sunrise, we aim to support people who have been affected by suicide and to create a community. 

"We aim to hold regular events, workshops and activities with music or art at their core, in memory of Sonny. 

Falmouth Packet:

"Self-expression and creativity can be helpful and hopeful ways to cope with loss.

"We will also be including wellbeing and self-care in the mix, as so often we are left to ‘get through’ without any advice on how to help ourselves mentally, physically or emotionally after going through such traumatic experiences."

Sunrise will mark its official launch with a fundraising event on Friday, March 1 starting at 7pm at the Redruth Rugby Club.

The night will feature headliner 'The Best of Grohl', a tribute rock show celebrating Dave Grohl and his band, Foo Fighters.

Tickets for the event can be purchased online in advance for £10 or on the door for £15.

Visit www.seetickets.com/tour/sunrise-fundraiser-with-the-best-of-grohl for more information.

All proceeds from the evening will be directed towards ensuring that Sunrise's regular events are free for all attendants.