An appeal has gone out from Truro Rugby club for the return of its £1,500 defibrillator after the code was given to a member of the public and they didn’t return it.

The club’s privately owned defibrillator at the club's 2,000 capacity ground in St Clements Hill was used back in December after the ambulance service gave the code to a woman following an incident nearby.

However it wasn’t used and the woman who took it has not returned it.

She is described as being in between 25-35 of age and was captured on CCTV removing the piece of equipment although there is no suggestion the removal was malicious.

The ambulance service says it cannot contact the caller or provide them with her details.

The call came in at 2.02am on December 20, 2023 from a woman described as being 25-35 years old.

Posting on Facebook the club said the defibrillator cost £1,500 and they didn’t have the money to replace it.

“Please help find our defibrillator,” they said. “It was taken in good faith but unfortunately it hasn’t been returned as it should. Valued at approximately £1,500 it’s too much to replace.”

Defibrillators have proved indispensable in saving peoples’ lives with hundreds installed across the Cornwall many with voluntary donations.

Truro RFC is a Cornish rugby union club based in the city of Truro and was formed in 1885.