WITH the UK’s 2024 general election looming, an environmental organisation has released its analysis of 24 'key electoral battlegrounds' where it believes green issues could determine who wins the seat. 

One of these is Truro and Falmouth, where MP Cherilyn Mackrory has a majority of only 4,561. Another is St Ives, where Derek Thomas' majority is 4,280. In both constituencies, 75 per cent say that loss of nature and destruction of the environment should be a top priority for the country, according to the organisation's analysis. 

The research, carried out by the Climate Coalition via its 'Local Intelligence Data Hub,' sets out 24 marginal seats - where the sitting MP has a majority of less than 5,000. 

Residents of Truro and Falmouth have turned their concerns about protecting nature and tackling climate change into action. Members of Creation Care Team, St Kea Church, Just Love Falmouth and United Downs Environment Group have all signed The Climate Coalition’s Open Letter that calls on leaders of the main national political parties to commit to doing everything they can to tackle climate change and protect nature. 

Helen Meech, Executive Director at The Climate Coalition, said: “In this election year and critical decade for our planet, we are sending a clear message: now is not the time to water down climate and nature commitments or slow the pace of action.

"As this new research shows, across the UK people are concerned by the loss of nature and destruction of the environment, and they want action. We need political candidates across the political spectrum to see that we are a nation of green hearts, united by our desire to see urgent action to tackle climate change and protect nature."

Louise Crow, Chief Executive of mySociety, said: “Good democratic decision-making happens when communities and their representatives can have informed conversations. The Local Intelligence Hub brings a wealth of information that will help all kinds of people across the UK participate in meaningful decisions that will affect their lives and futures.”

Zac Spiers, Just Love Falmouth Co-founder, said: “Just Love Falmouth is a student group aiming to encourage and inspire students to pursue social justice. We want to love our local community and create positive waves in the issues that matter most to them.

"The massive issue of climate change is one of our main focuses as it is one of the main worries locally, especially being a seaside town.”