Origin Coffee has submitted plans for an expansion of its current headquarters in Porthleven to create more jobs and development opportunities. 

In collaboration with Trevor Osborne Limited which owns Porthleven Harbour and Dock company, the expansion will provide Origin with much-needed space to fuel its continued growth and create even more local jobs.

The planning application which was submitted on Monday, February 12 comes three years after the successful completion of Origin’s headquarters on the northern part of Treysa Place in Porthleven.

The new plans, which have been revised from those originally granted consent in 2019, will allow for expansion plans at Origin Coffee, which occupies a significant proportion of the first phase of the development.

Falmouth Packet: A picture of the proposed building A picture of the proposed building (Image: Origin Coffee)

In the planning application, architects Laurence Associates have written: “The proposed development is planned to support Origin Coffee, who have outgrown their existing premises, located immediately to the north of the site (phase one).

“Origin will retain their existing premises whilst taking on the lease of the proposed building (phase two).

“It is planned to convert the existing café located in the phase one building to office space, whilst the existing industrial space will support the growth in the distribution of goods in and out of the site.

“The new building will therefore provide Origin with a new café space and increase in industrial footprint for coffee roasting, as well as further, much needed, space for the storage and distribution of goods.”

Falmouth Packet: A second picture of the planned development A second picture of the planned development (Image: Origin Coffee)

Origin founder Tom Sobey explains the benefits of the expansion and what it means for the future. He said: “Since relocating from Helston to Porthleven in 2021, we have increased our employment from within the local community by 74%.

“In October 2023 we took £3.1m investment to grow the business significantly and the development of this new site is an integral part of that growth. It will mean creating not only more jobs but also exceptional career development opportunities for local people who are interested in being part of the rapidly growing global coffee industry.”

Trevor Osborne added: “We are delighted to be in a position to bring forward the next phase of development at Treysa Place.

“Our vision for this site from the outset was to use it in a manner that would encourage entrepreneurial businesses and bring new employment opportunities to Porthleven.

“It has been immensely satisfying to see Origin thrive and grow over the past few years. We are now looking forward to the next stage of development and hope that our efforts to deliver additional workspace for such a dynamic and successful business, which bring much to Porthleven, will be supported by the council.”

More details for this application can be viewed by searching PA23/10321 on Cornwall Council’s Planning Portal page.