FALMOUTH and Penryn Foodbank has said that demand is now greater than ever for donations - and it was now having to buy items to meet demand, which it described as "unprecedented." 

Due to the economic situation, the foodbank said it was seeing a lot more clients, many of whom were working and still finding it hard to make ends meet.

It added: "At the same time we are not receiving as many food donations as we did in recent times. It has therefore been necessary for us to purchase items in order to keep our shelves from being empty. 

"This is unprecedented, and is not necessary sustainable."

Items that are generally needed are as follows: toothpaste, tinned custard, tinned sweetcorn, small coffee jars, tinned carrots, tinned peas, sweet biscuits, savoury biscuits, tinned tomatoes, jam, tinned fruit, tinned rice pudding, and shampoo.

If you would like to drop off donations, you can find the local drop-off points at: Asda (only purchases bought in-store), Tesco Metro (only purchases bought in-store), Natural Store, Co-op Boslowick, and Poundland.

You can also drop off items directly to volunteers at the Foodbank on Mondays between 10am and 1pm and on Thursdays from 2pm until 4pm at the Highways Community Centre on Church Road in Penryn.