The world’s largest semi-submersible yacht carrier Yacht Servant made an impressive sight when she arrived from Le Havre to discharge the motor yacht Amazone at the docks.

With pilot Captain Nick Gilbert onboard, the 214 metre long vessel entered the harbour on a bright sunny day before berthing on County wharf.

The ship came to Falmouth to offload the 40 metre long motor yacht Amazone a 1936 built vessel by Vosper Thornycroft which is going into the Pendennis sup yacht facility.

DYT the company that operates the ship was formerly known as Dockwise Yacht Transport, founded in 1987. The first sailing was under the name of Wijsmuller, a shipping company that specialised in heavy, off shore bulk transport and tugboats.

During the oil crisis of the 80s, Wijsmuller was forced to find innovative new markets for a strong decline in bulk transport. Modern yacht transport as we know it was discovered.

The two year old vessel operates worldwide mainly to sought after destinations where super yachts are found in abundance, such as Tahiti, east coats of the USA, Caribbean, Pacific, West Indies and the Mediterranean areas.

The ship has a beam of 46 metres and 6,300 square metres of deck space to accommodate vessels. Yacht Servant being a semi submersible carrier operates cargo handling in what is known in the trade as FLO/FLO (Float On/Float Off.)

The ship can ballast down several metres to allow craft to enter via the stern and basically once in position the stern door is closed, the ship de-ballasts, after which the craft are secured for the voyage.

During the ship’s fist year in service it has sailed around the world four times clocking up 80,857 miles whilst calling at 22 ports.

This year according to Yacht Servant’s schedule the ship will be steaming a significant distance globally transporting yachts