The Eden Project has plenty of events and activities for guests over Easter.

Amidst the food-themed challenges offered, visitors will find interactive games, a chocolate trail, and an environmentally friendly market.

The action-packed programme, dubbed Springfest, will run for approximately two weeks, from March 29 until April 14.

This lively event offers numerous games to entertain the entire family and to celebrate the rejuvenating spirit of spring.

The festivity's core theme revolves around an exploration of our relationship with food from different perspectives.

Visitors can participate in exciting activities like milk bottle skittles, hoopla, and follow the journey of food from field to fork via an enlightening game employing buzz wires.

Other engaging activities include an egg-themed scavenger hunt and a massive marble labyrinth-style game that impartially reveals the pros and cons of different diets.

Falmouth Packet: Springfest will run for approximately two weeks from March 29 until April 14

Age is no barrier to experiencing Eden Project's offerings this Easter.

There are also plenty of activities for younger visitors, including a play zone.

Here, one can try a spin-a-dinner game, weave across a bread-themed scooter track, or play dress-up in a mini shop or stall.

Once the children have collected enough stamps from completing activities, they can take their pick from a range of rewards.

The Mediterranean Biome is offering competitive, rainbow-themed food quizzes focusing on citrus produce, while in the Middle East Eden Project, there lies a pop-up market showcasing a variety of locally sourced items.

Guests will be able to purchase fresh produce from the Eden Project's new, state-of-the-art, geothermal-heated nursery, Growing Point.

For chocolate lovers, a satisfying trail in the Rainforest Biome highlights the ingredients used for chocolate-making.

Children who solve the trail's intricate riddles can claim a sweet reward.

According to Tamsyn Lewis, the Eden Project’s Living Theatre production manager, the goal this season is to celebrate spring and its wonders.

She said: "As nature begins to reinvigorate itself and we enter a new season, our programme this Easter gives the whole family a chance to have great fun along the way."

For more information and ticketing details, visit the Eden Project website.