Workers at Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth are coming together to take part in a cycling fundraiser for Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity.

A team of ten, including Mike Carr, the company's chairman, will engage in three days of cycling, starting from September 19.

In a courageous transition from superyachts to bicycles, the workforce will undertake a 300-kilometre journey across Cornwall.

This fitness challenge was inspired by Jason Renfree, a colleague who involved himself in the Pedal4Patients initiative last year while recuperating from tonsil cancer.

His experience and successful £13,000 fundraised for the charity has motivated his teammates to join this year's ride, Tour de Kernow.

Mr Renfree hailed the charity team and the event, stating it revolutionised his life.

He said: "The treatment and care I received saved my life.

"I didn't cycle but decided to have a go and though the training was hard, and I was very nervous on the first day, I managed to finish and that felt incredible.

"The charity team are amazingly supportive and encouraging and everyone had the best time."

Falmouth Packet: A team of 10 will engage in three days of cycling, starting from September 19

Mike Carr, who recently bought a bike for this event, sees a greater purpose behind participating in this cycling excursion.

He shared: "Pendennis Shipyard owes its global success to the people who work here.

"We support each other, and illness impacts us all in one way or another."

"Jason's cancer diagnosis was devastating but he credits the ride with helping his physical and mental recovery and that helps motivate the rest of us."

The charitable ride is scheduled to kick off at Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, moving onto Penzance via St Ives, and onwards to St Austell through Falmouth.

The end of the Tour de Kernow will be marked at Truro, with St Austell as the last stopover.

Lynne Lees, senior philanthropy manager at the charity, said: "It isn't a race – just a wonderful way of seeing Cornwall, getting fit, having fun and making new friends, whilst raising money for a very worthwhile cause."

To donate to the Pendennis Team, go to their Just Giving page.

For more information about Pedal4Patients and to apply as a group or individual, visit the Royal Cornwall Hospitals website.