A Falmouth nightclub worker is to receive £5,000 in compensation after getting punched to the ground on a night out – with his attacker then allegedly filming him as he lay unconscious.

Before Truro Crown Court for sentencing was Caine Jolley, who admitted causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) without intent.

The assault took place in the early hours of March 19, 2022, in the street outside Mangos nightclub in Falmouth.

Both Jolley and his victim had been inside the club earlier that night, and had ended up in the smoking area.

Prosecutor Nigel Wraith told the court that Jolley was seen staring at the bottom of one of the victim’s friends, which made her feel uncomfortable.

“She was to confirm to police the defendant had told her she was ‘really fit’ and he ‘wanted to bone her’. She said he was, in her words, ‘really threatening and horrible’,” said Mr Wraith.

Jolley was subsequently kicked out of the nightclub and not allowed back in as he was too drunk.

An hour or so later, the victim and his friends were sitting in the street outside the club when Jolley approached them.

“Mr Jolley said to [his victim] ‘Did you get me kicked out?’. [The man] confirmed he did, saying, ‘You were making my friend uncomfortable.’ “The defendant then asked him to go with him,” said Mr Wraith.

Mr Wraith said there was “gesturing and a verbal exchange,” at the end of which Jolley threw a punch to the face of his victim, who staggered back.

Jolley then punched him again, making the man fall to the ground.

“He believes he was unconscious, as he doesn’t remember much after that,” said Mr Wraith.

It is alleged by the prosecution that Jolley could then be seen filming the victim as he lay on the ground – something the defendant denies, saying he was making a call to a friend.

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The victim suffered a broken cheek bone and had to have a metal plate inserted as his eye socket had fallen, requiring surgery and several follow up appointments. He also suffered a haematoma to his eye.

In his victim impact statement, the man said he was unable to work for three to four months afterwards, as he actually worked at Mangos.

“He describes feeling very vulnerable. Fifteen months after the incident, in June 2023, at the time of the statement, he could still feel tenderness in his left eye and still felt a degree of anxiety about going out,” said Mr Wraith.

Dieter Kehler, representing Jolley, said the 22-year-old worked as a sub-contractor doing ground works for a construction company around the UK.

There were a number of good character references for him.

He said Jolley’s case was that there had been an “element of self defence,” but this was later dismissed by the judge after watching CCTV footage of the incident.

Judge Simon Carr told Jolley: “The circumstances do you no credit at all and I hope you are truly ashamed.

“Not surprisingly the club threw you out; they should have thrown you out sooner. But you didn’t go home, realising you’d had way too much to drink. You waited outside the nightclub.

“You deliberately initiated the confrontation. It was you who indicated you should go down the street. All, I’m sure, influenced by the amount you had to drink.”

He said it was “nothing more than luck” that Jolley was not facing a much more serious charge, adding that there had been similar cases where people had died after hitting their head on the ground in such circumstances.

Judge Carr said had it not been for Jolley’s previous good character and early guilty plea he would be facing an immediate prison sentence, but as such he would suspend it.

He sentenced Jolley to eight months in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered him to carry out 240 hours of unpaid work.

Most significantly, he ordered Jolley to pay his victim £5,000 in compensation.