An art exhibition inspired by a Cornish-based artist is coming to a Helston museum.

The 'Women's Work' exhibition was conceptualised by Goldsithney-based artist Stina Falle and inspired by the late Denny Long, who often worked with groups of women, 

The exhibit at Helston Museum of Cornish Life will showcase an assorted collection of artworks crafted in a circle to create a mandala.

The mandala has been created by women who knew Denny Long

Themes for the piece draw from various women, using a range of mediums including paint, collaged materials, embroidered surfaces, and printed fabrics.

Ms Falle said: "I think everything we do in a collective way contributes to a sense of generosity and co - operation in the world - which is what we need."

Echoing Ms Falle's sentiment, the exhibition includes audience participatory elements where visitors can write their own contributions in a dedicated book.

The upstairs gallery showcases additional works under the overarching theme of women.

There will also be numerous free workshops ranging from reading sessions to creative activities, including making reusable eco-friendly sanitary pads.

The exhibition will be on show from March 8 to 23 from Monday to Saturday, with free admission between 10am and 4pm.

Further information can be found on the museum's website.