A long term solution is being sought to resolve the problem of raw sewage flowing into Mylor Creek from the quay during heavy rain.

Heavy rain and hail over the last few days has produced a major sewage overflow on Mill Quay which is owned by Mylor Parish Council.

Raw faeces, toilet paper and other items have been pouring into the creek over the last few days, however it is not an isolated incident and has been causing problems for many months whenever there is heavy rain, which is a lot at the moment with no let-up forecast.

The Friends of Mylor Creek say the excessive rain has overwhelmed the system and South West Water has been on the site constantly since they were first notified of the problem last week.

“They are using Clearflow to pump out the drain which is the only way to contain the presenting problem," they said.

“This is partly successful but is clearly neither a long-term nor a sustainable solution.

"We are assured that SWW is looking at a long term solution."

They say the Environment Agency has also been informed of the pollution incident.

They have appealed for anyone who spots similar problems elsewhere in the vicinity of Mylor Creek it would be useful to know about them.

Mylor Creek is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty that supports hundreds of wading birds and fish stocks as well as receiving visits from seals and even Dolphins.

However in recent years the area has been blighted by pollution from sewerage and rotting boats leaking oil and chemicals and the recent destruction of habitats on land by the spraying of weed killer on fields and the blocking off of access to the area.

The Friends of Mylor Creek group was formed recently to tackle the problem of the growing number of boats rotting on the shoreline.

South West Water have been asked for a response to the situation.