A woman who creates unique flavoured marshmallows in Cornwall has seen one of her ‘special’ creations win a gold in this year’s Taste of the West Awards.

Teagan Rowlands, 39, is the founder and owner of ‘Moosh Mallows’ a small independent business based in Helston, creating custom-flavoured marshmallows using fresh ingredients.

In 2021, Teagan began creating marshmallows after giving birth to her daughter Senna, she struggled to get a job and decided to create a batch of marshmallows.  

“I made a batch of blackcurrant marshmallows; they were sticky but tasty. And that’s where the name Moosh came from,” said Teagan.

Falmouth Packet: Teagan's first batch of 'Blackcurrant' Moosh in 2021 Teagan's first batch of 'Blackcurrant' Moosh in 2021 (Image: Moosh Mallows Facebook)

Realising that these custom-made marshmallows could do well, Teagan began her research into it, and within the space of a month, Moosh Mallows was launched.

The mother of two has since gone on to perfect her marshmallows and has created a variety of different flavours including ‘Chocolate Orange’, ‘Gin and Lime Cocktail’, 'Espresso Martini’, and ‘Salted Caramel’ to name a few.

As well as selling packs of individual marshmallows, Teagan has created Moosh Advent Calendars with individual festive-themed marshmallows and Halloween-themed marshmallow boxes.

Falmouth Packet: The award winning Lemon Moosh Pie The award winning Lemon Moosh Pie (Image: Sue Porter Photographer)

This week, she has seen one of her special creations, ‘Lemon Moosh Pie’ win a gold award in this year’s Taste of the West Awards.

Teagan said: “I’m so pleased. This one always gets people talking, but it holds a special place in my heart, being a thing in our family - Lemon Meringue Pie that is.

“It’s rippled with tangy lemon curd and topped with home-baked biscuit covered in white chocolate, my take on the classic dessert.”

Lemon Moosh Pie has now joined Moosh’s other gold winners ‘Chocolate Moose’ and ‘Real Raspberry’, and silver winner 'Espresso Martini' in the prestigious Taste of the West Awards which promotes and supports the South West food and drink industry each year.

Falmouth Packet: The mother of two will appear on a Channel 4 programme later this year The mother of two will appear on a Channel 4 programme later this year (Image: Sue Porter Photographer)

As well as her unique marshmallows receiving awards, Teagan will also appear on TV later this year. She said: “I am excited to say that I will be on a Channel 4 programme in the upcoming months.

“I can’t give too much detail away as I haven’t been told of an air date but watch this space!”

Teagan hopes that once the episode airs, she will be able to raise funds to be able to open a unit to expand her business and make even more unique creations.

To see more of Moosh, visit Moosh Mallows on Facebook.