A Falmouth bar manager has slammed a punter for putting his licence in jeopardy after they sneaked bottles or tins of alcohol bought elsewhere into his establishment.

Posting on The Chintz Symposium Facebook page, bar manager Patrick Matthews said not only were they putting the future of the bar in Old Brewery Yard off the High Street in danger they were also jeopardising the bar's alcohol licence.

"Take note," he said. "When you sneak a drink that you bought elsewhere into our bar, I bet you feel like a right bad-ass.

"The thrill that surges through you, as you surreptitiously drink your Tesco tinny, is no-doubt very life affirming. But… When you do this you’re breaking our licensing restrictions, so don’t be surprised when you’re promptly asked to leave. If you keep doing it, don’t be surprised when you end up barred."

Falmouth Packet: The Chintz Symposium in Old Brewery YardThe Chintz Symposium in Old Brewery Yard

He said times are very tight in the hospitality sector as recently reported in the Packet and things were becoming unsustainable.

He said he loved their customers and they wished they could provide them with art for free but it was impossible.

"The staff who serve you, the artists who entertain you, the security who protect you… they don’t come for free," he said.

"The beers, wines, and spirits that delight you: they’re not cheap either. Same goes for the glassware, the candles, the fruit, the loo roll. And don’t even get us started on the energy costs… Do you guys know how much it costs to just turn our lights on to welcome you in? How about how much it costs just to keep the fire lit?

"So please, don’t act affronted when we tell you there’s sometimes a charge on the door: that £4 is an artist's livelihood. And please, stop trying to smuggle in s****y bottles of booze from Mr Tesco. If you keep that up, you’re just going to be left with a town full of empty houses and self-service supermarkets.

"Pub quiz tonight, innit. Geddon down and win a free bar tab… (Clubcards not accepted)."