Labour and Lib Dems in Cornwall have reacted to yesterday’s budget with Labour saying households in Cornwall will be £870 worse off under Sunak’s tax plan.

Labour say that the budget confirms the UK has the highest tax burden in 70 years, as households in Cornwall are £870 worse off on average under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s tax plan.

They say figures show that for every 10p working people will pay in tax under the Tories’ plan, they will only be getting 5p back, meaning that people in Cornwall are still worse off under this government.

“The OBR has confirmed that this will be the only Parliament on record where living standards have fallen, with real pay increasing by just £17 a week over 14 years of Conservative government,” said Labour. “Under Labour, wages rose by £183 a week over 13 years.

“This budget also reveals that with this Conservative recession, GDP per capita is smaller than when Sunak became prime minister.”

Perran Moon, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle said: “People in Cornwall deserve better than this chaotic Conservative budget. Once again, working people are forgotten as taxes continue to rise.

“Only Labour can deliver change. Rishi Sunak must call an election.”

Jayne Kirkham, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Truro and Falmouth said: "This is a government that has run out of ideas and knows that its time has passed.

“Whilst Jeremy Hunt promises jam tomorrow, people in Cornwall still face high prices in the shops and bigger mortgage bills.

"We all deserve something better. Now is the time for a General Election."

Commenting on the Chancellor's Autumn Statement yesterday, Liberal Democrat candidate Ruth Gripper said: "Nothing announced today will make up for the damage the Conservative government has done to the economy. People feel that in their pockets every single day.

"They recognise today's news for what it is - a Conservative government that knows it is running out of time."

She said she was disappointed to see no additional funding for local health services in the Chancellor's statement. Truro & Falmouth Cherilyn Mackrory welcomed the Budget saying it was a big win on second homes and short-term holiday lets for Cornwall!

She said: “I’ve been working hard with my Cornish MP colleagues to push the Treasury and Department for Levelling-Up, Housing & Communities to do more to tackle excessive short-term holiday lets and second home ownership where they are damaging housing opportunities for local people.”

She added: “Fantastic news for local families wanting to find an affordable long-term home in the towns and communities we have grown up in!”