Cornwall Council was swindled out of thousands of pounds in benefits by a man who failed to reveal that he had received a large pay out from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and owned a property in Scotland.

Kallum Amin claimed £12,594 housing benefit from the council and another £29,189 from the Government in Personal Independence Payments and Employment Support allowance.

He carried on the fiddles over five years and overclaimed so much that it is going to take him 18 years to pay it all back. He has already repaid nearly £4,000 and is settling the rest of the bill at £42 a week.

Amin, aged 45, formerly of Truro and now living in Glasgow, admitted defrauding three sorts of benefits while living in Cornwall from 2014 until 2019. He was jailed for nine months, suspended for 12 months by Judge Simon Carr at Truro Crown Court.

Prosecutor Mr Ian Graham said Amin also exaggerated his physical conditions and was not entitled to £29,189 in PIP and ESA payments and £12,594 housing benefits.

His lawyer said he is still on benefits in Glasgow and a Proceeds of Crime confiscation will follow.

Judge Simon Carr said:"You stole money from the state and people who deserve it don't receive it."