Falmouth mayor Kirstie Edwards has announced that she standing down from her role after one term saying she has achieved everything she set out to do.

At a meeting of Falmouth Town Council last night councillors voted to put forward deputy mayor Alan Rowe as mayor elect and Cllr Louise Coley as deputy mayor elect. Both Labour.

Announcing her decision Cllr Edwards said she was proud of what she’d achieved but it was time for her to give someone else a chance.

“This year as mayor and the previous two years as deputy mayor have allowed me to experience so many things and I am really grateful for the opportunities this has given me,” she told councillors.

“It’s been full of laughter and new friends and given me experiences I will never forget.

“I notice how proud my family and friends have been to see me thriving after overcoming so many challenges in my life.

“I’m proud of myself and I’m proud that I stood up for people about things that made me uncomfortable or didn’t align with my values.”

She said she was proud that after 20 plus years she had driven the skatepark project to the stage where she’d signed all the contracts and the work was beginning for the people of Falmouth.

She said she felt like she’d fulfilled what she’d set out to do within the values she upheld.

But she said it was now time for somebody else to take over the reigns and she would be stepping down in May.


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She nominated her deputy Alan Rowe as the next mayor saying he had absolutely stepped up to the mark as deputy mayor and had been very supportive.

“He’s a been a huge advocate for the community of Falmouth, for the council and representing the town and I couldn’t think of anybody I’d be happier to hand over the reigns to,” she said. “I really do believe he’ll be excellent in the role.”

Councillors voted in favour of Cllr Rowe being the next mayor. Councillors also voted in favour of Cllr Coley being the next deputy mayor, as proposed by Cllr Steve Eva.

The official vote will take place at the mayor making ceremony in May.