Cornwall Council has issued an update on the deteriorating condition of the main roads around Truro and Falmouth.

In an update issued by the council called 'Road conditions in and around Truro' the council says recent weather conditions have caused some key routes to deteriorate faster than usual.

It says increased traffic due to diversions and vehicles avoiding the work to upgrade the A30 has made things worse.

It says critical areas affected include Green Bottom and Sticken Bridge on the A39 near the Norway Inn, Higher Town near Waitrose and the A39 near to Playing Place, as well as other areas on the diversion routes, like thew A393 in Lanner.

“While we have the necessary resources to carry out repairs, accessing these locations is highly challenging, given the ongoing A30 works and other statutory undertakers working on these routes” the council says in the update.

“However we have work planned imminently, with Sticken Bridge on the A39 scheduled for March 18 and the A39 in Playing Place planned for April 29.

“To facilitate the repairs in Playing Place, we will swap our routine maintenance operations to address the surfacing as an emergency.”

The council says all the works on the A39 will be carried out overnight to minimise disruption.

Warning signs will be put up in “critical” locations to alert motorists about the road conditions. It says additionally it says it aims to conduct temporary repairs to ensure safety until full access is granted post-A30 completion.

“We understand the inconvenience caused by poor road conditions and are committed to resolving the situation promptly,” says the council.

“We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work towards coordinating permanent resurfacing once the roads are fully accessible.”