The family of murdered man Michael Riddiough-Allen has released a statement after Jake Hill was convicted of killing him in the Bodmin murder trial verdict.

Mr Riddiough-Allen died from a stab wound to the stomach after Hill went on a 'knife rampage' outside the Eclipse Nightclub in Bodmin on April 30 last year.

Co-defendant Chelsea Powell was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter but guilty of perverting the course of justice.

Another woman Tia Taylor pleaded guilty to manslaughter part way through the trial.

In a statement released through Devon and Cornwall Police, the family said: "The journey that has led us here from the night Michael died, though long and painful, has opened our eyes to the growing problem in our society. This journey has given us the purpose and motivation to try to make a difference.

"Whilst we are grateful for our justice system and its ability to uphold the laws of our society, today’s verdicts are not a victory. There are no winners here. It is not just our family who lost someone they loved that night.

"The families of Tia Taylor, Chelsea Powell and Jake Hill, have been torn apart by the evil of that night- the presence of a knife. With no knife the devastating events of that night would not have happened. The presence and use of a knife turned to unmitigated violence, scarring injuries and haunting images that many will never forget.

"Michael watched that violence unfold in front of him, he felt a need to intervene to remove the threat and protect others. In this task, he lost his life. As four families we stand before you, together, to raise awareness of the damage that can be caused by carrying a knife. No good can come of it, only anger, hatred, loss and grief.

"We aim to educate and to work collaboratively to tackle the root of the problem. To help our young people understand that a knife does not protect you or make you popular. To give them the skills and tools needed to make better choices in the future.

"We stand here together, as a warning; if a change does not happen then many more families will stand on court steps, broken from the loss that knife crime brings.

"We stand here together to beg you #leaveitinthedrawer"