The rising bollard in Falmouth is pictured being removed from its ‘moorings’ by workman early this morning.

Workman were seen to be pulling the bollard out of its position outside the Grapes pub at around 7.20am.

The rising bollard is earmarked to be moved to the entrance of Market Street as part of the Falmouth Gateway Project.

However officially work isn’t due to start until Autumn this year so it could just be for repair.

Falmouth Town Council said it wasn’t aware of the work starting and the Packet has contacted Cormac, who will be carrying out the work, to find out what’s going on.

Falmouth Packet: The bollard will become part of the Falmouth Gateway ProjectThe bollard will become part of the Falmouth Gateway Project (Image: Cormac)

The work also includes associated signage and gateway work at the entrance to Market Street as well as the loss of six disabled parking spaces in Church Street car park.

Construction is provisionally earmarked for early Autumn 2024.

The move was opposed by many traders who said it would kill the high street.

Church Street has been the subject of a traffic restriction order since 2022 restricting traffic from using the road between 11am and 4pm.

However a lack of enforcement led to complaints about a rise in the number of vehicles entering the road during the pedestrian zone restricted hours.

The complaints led to the implementation of the scheme after Cornwall Council carried out a public consultation. Falmouth Town Council also voted to green light the scheme.

It is hoped relocating the rising bollard currently positioned on Church Street, to the gateway to the restricted area at the start of Market Street will solve the problem.