News that the Princess of Wales has been diagnosed with cancer will no doubt come as a huge shock to people in Cornwall, where she proved a huge favourite during a visit to Falmouth last year.

Packet readers have been responding to the news, with well wishes sent to Kate, who is also the Duchess of Cornwall, over her cancer news. 

One reader said: “Brave girl! Hope she’s now left alone to enjoy time with her family and recover.”

Another wrote: “Sending healing thoughts and love.”

Kate was a huge hit when she visited Falmouth last year with her husband, Prince William.

Smiling and relaxed, she was happy to pose for photographs and chat with as many people as possible, showing just why she holds so much affection in the nation's hearts. 

Residents had treated to a surprise visit from the Royal couple in February of that year, when they visited the Duchy for the first time since inheriting the titles of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.

Falmouth Packet: Kate takes a selfie with a member of the public on Events Square last yearKate takes a selfie with a member of the public on Events Square last year (Image: Ryan Morwood)

Prince William and Kate Middleton made the journey to Cornwall to visit the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth.

During their visit they learnt about the rich maritime heritage of Cornwall and how the Museum is working to highlight the relevance of maritime issues to the present day before moving on to the Dracaena Centre.

Here they danced the hokey cokey and played each other at table tennis - with Kate hitting William on the head with a ball.

During the low key visit the community hub on Dracaena Playing Fields, the Duke and Duchess spent time in a session for local mothers and their young children.

Falmouth Packet: Kate played table tennis with Princess William at the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth last yearKate played table tennis with Princess William at the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth last year (Image: PA)

Crowds of people gathered for a glimpse of the royal couple – with Kate delighting Sarah Carlyon from the Old Hill Estate in Falmouth, after she managed to get a selfie with the princess.

Katarina Alan managed to hand some pink roses to Kate outside the Dracaena Centre, after failing in her first attempt at the Maritime Museum.

Falmouth University students Victoria and Millie confessed themselves to being “starstruck” after they found themselves lucky enough to have a quick chat with Prince William as he left.

They told The Packet: “It was reassuring to see that they were real humans and not just holograms on the TV.

Falmouth Packet: Kate smiling with the public in Falmouth last yearKate smiling with the public in Falmouth last year (Image: Ryan Morwood)

"It was really lovely to know that they care,” before admitting: “We were a bit starstruck really.”

Steve Eva, who was mayor of Falmouth at the time of the visit by Kate and William, told the Packet: "Having the huge honour of meeting Kate on the date my everlasting memory would be how when I asked if it was possible to say hello and receive flowers from a couple from Falcare; she did not hesitate and spent a couple minutes of broken planned routine, which Emily and Ann - the two ladies from Falcare - and I will never forget.

"I am sure the both ladies, l, and anyone from Falmouth who was lucky enough to meet Kate on that day, wishes her the most speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing Kate back to full recovery as soon as possible."

On Friday evening it was confirmed that the princess was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Revealing her diagnosis in an emotional video message, the Princess said: “I am well and getting stronger every day.”

The future Queen began a course of “preventative chemotherapy” late in February but is said to have a positive mindset for her recovery and is in good spirits, describing herself as “well and getting stronger every day”.