Falmouth Fire Station issues warning inconsiderate parking is putting lives at risk by blocking access for emergency vehicles.

The station issued the warning after one of its emergency vehicles was blocked from getting down Falmouth's old High Street by badly parked vehicles on Sunday.

There were also reports that a coach became stuck on the same day because of badly parked cars with vehicles behind have to reverse back up the High Street hill.

In a post on the fire station's Facebook page it said badly parked vehicles can seriously delay their response time and urged people to be considerate when parking.

They said they had encountered a number of vehicles obstructing the High Street making it very difficult for their fire engine to pass.

"A reminder to please be considerate when parking," said the post. "We are ready to respond to emergencies at a moment's notice, but obstacles like badly parked vehicles can seriously delay our response time.

"Today [Sunday], we encountered a few vehicles obstructing the High Street making it very difficult for our fire engine to pass through.

"This not only puts lives at risk but also adds crucial minutes to our arrival at incidents. We urge everyone to park responsibly and consider the consequences of their actions.

"Together, we can ensure swift and efficient emergency responses for our community. Thank you for your cooperation!"

The High Street currently has single yellow lines with parking restricted during the day during week days and Saturdays. Parking is allowed on Sundays,  however a number of vehicles were parked on both sides of the road blocking it for larger vehicles such as the fire engine and the coach.

One of the cars also appears to be parked on the pavement which, while only illegal in London, goes against the Highway Code.