An RNAS Culdrose fire engine has come off the road in Cornwall for the third time in the space of two years

Members of the public have reported that the engine is stuck in a ditch, with Culdrose personnel at the scene directing traffic in both directions causing delays in and around the area.

It is not yet known when the vehicle will be removed from the ditch.

This marks the third incident in two years involving a fire engine from the Helston naval base.

The first incident happened in December 2022, when the fire engine was on its way from RNAS Culdrose to Predannack Airfield.

The road was blocked between Cury Cross Lanes and Lizard Point Holiday Park.

In March 2023, the Packet reported that another Culdrose fire engine had come off the road and into a ditch on the A3083 Bochym Hill between the Chypons turn-off and the Mullion turn-off.

At the time a spokesperson from RNAS Culdrose said: “We can confirm a fire engine from RNAS Culdrose covering flying operations at Predannack Airfield has become stuck on the A3083 on the Lizard.

“No one was injured in the incident and the vehicle will be recovered in due course.”

A spokesman for RNAS Culdrose said: “One of our duty fire vehicles returning to RNAS Culdrose became stuck while manoeuvring past a bus coming in the opposite direction.

"No contact was made and no one was injured in the incident.”