An escape room in Cornwall has "beaten the Chaser" after Shaun Wallace, aka 'The Dark Destroyer', was left stumped by their puzzles.

Shaun from ITV's The Chase was forced to admit defeat after a visit to DreadLock Escape Rooms at Bodmin Holiday Park.

Deb Johnston, who owns the escape room with partner Gemma Dawe, said Shaun took part in the 'Witch Way Out' spooky game.

It leaves players armed with a torch in a dark forest outside the home of a supposedly 'retired' witch.

"It was an absolute pleasure to host Shaun at DreadLock, he was a complete gentleman," said Deb.

Falmouth Packet: Shaun Wallace with the DreadLock Escape Rooms teamShaun Wallace with the DreadLock Escape Rooms team (Image: DreadLock Escape Rooms/SWNS)

"On The Chase, 'The Dark Destroyer' is very serious and straight-faced, but Shaun was very smiley, friendly and chatty, the complete opposite of his on-screen persona.

"He said he had only ever played one escape room before, and in his own words was 'terrible' at it, so we were confident we could 'Beat the Chaser' with ours.

"We get a lot of first time teams here at DreadLock, as well as experienced escape-roomers, and we have seen complete newbies escape quicker than teams with loads of experience.

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"We always say that being good at escape rooms isn't about being clever; it is about being observant, logical and being able to think a little outside the box.

"Shaun is undoubtedly a very clever man, but whether he was observant enough to escape remained to be seen."

Deb says that teams are rarely able to complete the challenge in time without asking for hints - but says that Shaun's team of two were reluctant to ask for help.

"Things started well, but they hit a brick wall so to speak, about ten minutes in, and Shaun was reluctant to ask for help - despite his teammate suggesting it," said Deb.

"A further 15 minutes passed before he caved and pressed the bell for a hint, which unfortunately, for them, meant the task ahead was too great for the time they had remaining.

"Despite not escaping, he said he absolutely loved it, in fact he didn't want to leave!

"Shaun said he's back down in Cornwall later in the year, and would like to return - and we look forward to welcoming him back to DreadLock for round two!"