The Penzance Town Deal has announced the allocation of its first round of Enterprise Funds to a range of local businesses.

The grants are primarily focused on boosting high street vitality and fostering economic growth.

It offers financial assistance to local businesses, providing capital grants to stimulate start-ups and drive growth.

This strategy not only brings forth new job opportunities but also significantly boosts investment in the local market.

The initiative is part of an overarching plan aimed at revitalising the economic tableau of Penzance, enabling businesses to flourish and contribute to the town's comprehensive prosperity.

The businesses awarded investments represent a variety of sectors including retail, hospitality, technology, and creative enterprises.

All of which have demonstrated commitment to expanding their operations and enhancing the local economy.

Falmouth Packet:

Buttons & Bows gained £2,734 to implement premises improvements and purchase equipment to enhance their service and efficiency.

Fishboy PZ received £7,047.75 to refine the premises' aesthetic and improve the overall streetscape.

Barbican Bistro was awarded £23,043.23 to establish a bar area within the restaurant, which will add extra seating and optimise the sea views.

The Bronze Honey Pot café obtained £49,400 to renovate the premises and enhance the business capacity by providing spaces for diverse functions such as events and workshops.

Emily Nixon Jewellery received £249,980 to restore the abandoned Union Club on Morrab Road, a move that will facilitate business relocation from Hayle to Penzance and revamp an empty building.

Falmouth Packet:

Sarah Shaw of the Penzance Town Fund said: "We are delighted to see the Enterprise Funds being allocated to deserving businesses that are integral to the fabric of Penzance.

"These grants represent a crucial investment in our community's future, fostering a resilient and vibrant local economy."

Louis Gardner, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for economy, noted that the Town Deal supports communities decision-making processes regarding locally beneficial economic, employment, and opportunity advancements.

He explained: "The Enterprise Grant scheme is enabling a wide range of businesses to realise their ambitions, and this can only be a positive for Penzance."

Falmouth Packet: The grants are primarily focused on boosting high street vitality and fostering economic growth

The Enterprise Grants scheme, part of the £21.5 million Town Deal Fund for Penzance and Newlyn, forms one of seven projects financed by the UK Government.

Cornwall Council is responsible for the Town Deal programme across Cornwall and managing the Enterprise Grants through its Economy and Skills Service.

The funds allocated underline a cooperative effort among local authorities, businesses, and the community to cultivate a thriving and sustainable future.

For more information on the businesses that have benefited from the Penzance Town Deal Enterprise Grants, visit