Falmouth Skatepark Project call for more fundraisers to come forward after two “significant donations” made .

One donation came from Sessions surf shop in Falmouth, and one from Helen Forrestor in memory of her son Christian Holdfast, a keen skateboarder and tattooist.

There was also thanks to Falmouth’s indoor skate park at the back of the former Argos store LOVEPARK for its fund-raising efforts hosting an event in Christian’s memory and donating all the funds to the build.

The event on December 9 last year was a Falmouth Skatepark fundraiser but was also be in memory of Christian “Hold Fast” Forrester who died after being diagnosed with cancer during the lockdown.

The father of two’s mum Helen, with the help of Simon Van Evelingen from Sessions Surf and Skate Shop, produced a range of skate decks, hoodies and T-shirts using Christian's Tattoo artwork.

Falmouth Packet: Sessions handed over a cheque for £7,500Sessions handed over a cheque for £7,500 (Image: Supplied)

These were sold and all of the proceeds donated to the Falmouth skatepark project at Dracaena Playing Fields.

More fundraising has been going on in the background to help extend the strip of the park at Dracaeana playing fields and ensure the post build phase of support is delivered well.

The committee plan to run free skate training sessions and other activities after a skate jam taking place in July.

Alex Brinnen Chair of the skatepark committee said: “We are so incredibly pleased to start work on the skatepark. It's a bit of a, pinch me, am I dreaming moment! After working on this for nearly two decades we are so incredibly pleased to actually start building.

“We as a committee haven't finished though. We are still fundraising for every penny we can get so that we can keep adding to the park and the surrounding areas to not just make this a great skatepark but also a great space for families to hang out in.

“We are still actively looking for support and sponsorship from local businesses so if you think you can help please do not hesitate to contact us.”

Falmouth mayor Kirstie Edwards said: “The community again astounds me with their effort and drive to support this project. Having local businesses on board to raise funds means everything and I’d like to personally thank Simon and team for all their work.

“I’m also incredibly grateful that Helen has chosen our project to honour the memory of her beloved son. As a local skater, Christian touched many lives and this donation is a fitting tribute to him.”

Simon Van-Evelingen- Sessions said Sessions had collected £5,000 from donations to the sticker box in the Falmouth store over a number of years and is adding a further £2,500 as a donation from the business.

“We have supported this project from the beginning and will continue to support the skatepark and the skateboarding community, we look forward to seeing skateboarding and other wheeled sports enthusiasts thrive in Falmouth with the introduction of this much needed skatepark Facility.”

Christian’s mum Helen Forrester said the sale was a tiny idea to came into my head and she went to see Simon Van Evelingen to run it past him to see if it was even going to be possible.

“I wanted to see if we could make it possible to put his artwork on a skateboard to commemorate his 50th birthday this June and do something positive for the community he and his brother, Keith and sister Polly grew up in and so the journey began,” she said.

Fifty two of these boards were created to help raise funds for the skatepark project.

Keith Forrester Christian’s brother said it was an honour to present the cheque. “Christian would have been so excited to see the new skatepark project finally starting to happen,” he said.

“I think of how big of a deal it would have been to Christian, me and all of our mates if there had been such an awesome skatepark in Falmouth when we were growing up.

“It means the world to my family and me that there will always be a part of Christian in this project.

“This is going to be such a fantastic place for so many kids.

“Thanks for everything you've done."

Anyone who wants contribute should contact Kirstie Edwards by email at councillor-kedwards@falmouthtowncouncil.com