Police have explained why the air ambulance could be heard flying low over Helston in the early hours of this morning (Saturday) and then landing on a housing estate. 

Emergency services, including the Cornwall Air Ambulance, were seen heading towards the area of Nansloe Academy on the Bulwark estate just before 12.30am on Saturday. 

Residents heard a helicopter flying low over Spar in the direction of Bulwark, before landing somehwere in the estate. 

A member of the public who was on Albion Road at the time – the estate behind Nansloe Academy – told the Packet that she saw police and ambulance vehicles drive past her, and then saw the air ambulance flying low overhead.

“The air ambulance circled over the estate quite low with lights on – as if they were looking for someone,” she explained.

According to the Flightradar24 app (an app which shows the flight route of aircraft), the air ambulance circled Helston before landing at Nansloe Academy - a clear landing space for the helicopter - at around 12.20am.

Police have now said a woman was taken to hospital following a suspected medical matter.

In a statement on the incident, a force spokesperson said: “Officers were called to assist the ambulance service who were responding to a suspected medical matter.

“A woman has been taken to hospital and remains in their care.”

However, it is not yet known if the woman was taken to hospital via road ambulance or by air.