A Royal Navy veteran's gold-cased pocket watch is about to go up for auction in Cornwall. 

The 18ct gold cased chronograph pocket watch, engraved with no 37660, was earned by a dedicated serviceman of 50 years.

It will now go under the hammer at Lay's Auctioneers.

The timepiece's origin dates back three centuries to the prestigious British watchmaker, Dent & Co.

Founded in 1814 by Edward J. Dent, it perfectly encapsulated the Victorian era's passion for technological advancements.

The company's specialisation in precise chronometers aided navigation of the Royal Navy fleet and guided explorers on their ambitious expeditions.

At the height of the British Empire's expansion in the late 18th century, Dent & Co was pivotal in pioneering technological advancements.

One such stride was John Harrison's longitude solution in 1764, significantly boosting Britain's influence in horology.

Dent & Co. was responsible for manufacturing the standard clock at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

This served as the standard reference time for the entire British Empire until 1946.

The company also had the honour of creating the Great Clock for the Houses of Parliament, today known globally as Big Ben.

Falmouth Packet:

This particular pocket watch is engraved on the case back with 'No. 1 THORNYCROFT STEAM WAGON ROLL OF LONG SERVICE - PRESENTED BY DIRECTORS TO G.N. DAVISON (No. 10)'.

This commemorates George Nathan Davison's esteemed career with Thornycroft, with the highlight being his work on the destroyer H.M.S Tartan's boiler rooms.

Included with the pocket watch are a silver dog tag and a meticulously maintained 50-year service presentation book to Mr G.N. Davison.

Falmouth Packet:

The book includes director photographs, the earliest and latest battleships that Thornycroft produced, along with company autographs and a 1950 newspaper cutting regarding the presentation of the watch.

This stunning historical artefact goes to auction on April 25 in the Watches auction. 

For more information, visit www.davidlay.co.uk/auction/details/wa03-watches/?au=319