Saint Piran Pro Cycling has joined forces with Cornwall's Duchy Hospital.

The partnership aims to promote positive physical and mental health amongst the Cornish communities.

It will focus on an inventive rollout programme intent on improving holistic wellbeing.

The programme involves public health discussions, community engagement, educational opportunities and partnerships with cycling and healthcare providers in the South West region.

Duchy Hospital is part of global company, Ramsay Health Care UK – a leading provider of independent healthcare services with a strong reputation within its local communities.

Saint Piran Pro Cycling currently runs four teams for both men and women, with cyclists partaking in competitions worldwide.

Including road races, mountain biking, cyclocross, and gravel and track racing.

With Olympic gold medalists, national and world champions within its ranks, the pro cycling team represents the South West in some of the world’s most prestigious races, such as the Tour of Britain and Tours of Norway and Japan.

Falmouth Packet: The partnership aims to promote positive physical and mental health amongst the Cornish communities

Richard Pascoe, Team Owner of Saint Piran Pro Cycling, said: "Heading into 2024, we are delighted to announce Ramsay Health Care UK as a partner.

"Working with such dedicated and focused professionals allows us to broaden the impact of cycling on the wellbeing of communities."

He detailed potential opportunities from the partnership, including a nationwide programme that could benefit lives on a national scale.

Mr Pascoe added: "Our Saint Piran women’s racing league is growing across the South-West, and plans are in place for a series of community gravel rides in 2024."

Louise Rowbotham, the hospital director at Duchy Hospital, said: "Cycling is generally easier on aging joints and every ride covers a sense of adventure, it’s innately sociable and there are lots of measurable metrics.

"It combines endurance, strength, agility and coordination and mental toughness."

She also added that Duchy Hospital is ready to support cycling enthusiasts through any orthopaedic complaints that may arise due to the sport.

Ms Rowbotham added: "We are extremely pleased to have this partnership with Saint Piran."

The joint venture between Saint Piran Pro Cycling and Duchy Hospital underscores a shared commitment in promoting healthy communities, championing wellbeing and striving for excellence.