Tregenna Castle Resort will commemorate its 250th anniversary by hosting a Tree Planting Celebration.

The resort will be planting an additional 250 trees over its extensive 72-acre grounds.

It demonstrates a firm commitment to environmental stewardship and long-term sustainability.

The project is part of the Tregenna 250 anniversary celebration this year, and will introduce a variety of tree species including English Oak, Field Maple, Hornbeam, Beech, Silver Birch, Crab Apple, Cherry and Lime.

James Parker, operations director at Tregenna Castle Resort, took the opportunity to emphasise the importance of the initiative.

Mr Parker said: "Planting trees is not just about enhancing the beauty of our surroundings; it's about investing in a sustainable future.

"As we mark this significant milestone in our history, it's essential for us to reflect on our responsibility to the environment and take proactive steps towards conservation and preservation."

In addition to beautifying the landscape, the project aims to help mitigate climate change through natural carbon absorption provided by the trees, improve local biodiversity by supplying habitat and food sources for various plant and animal species, and enhance air quality by filtering pollutants and producing oxygen.

It's also a significant celebration for the resort, as sustainability increasingly becomes a central focus for hospitality services.

The director encouraged broad participation in the celebration.

Falmouth Packet: The resort will be planting an additional 250 trees over its extensive 72-acre grounds

Mr Parker added: "We invite everyone to be a part of this meaningful 250 year celebration.

"Together, let's grow a greener future and ensure that Tregenna Castle Resort remains a beacon of sustainability and natural beauty for the next 250 years and beyond."

Details about the Tree Planting Celebration and other Tregenna 250 events are available on the resort’s website or by following the Tregenna Castle Resort's social media channels with the hashtags #Tregenna250 and #tregreener.

Tregenna Castle Resort, located in St Ives, Cornwall, has welcomed visitors and locals alike for 250 years.