It has been confirmed that the iconic guildhall bell will chime on Flora Day – but not without a six-hour road closure to get it into place.

Earlier this month, the Packet reported that Helston Town Council were ‘putting the pressure’ on to ensure the iconic Guildhall Bell would toll once again in time for Flora Day 2024.

The bronze bell fell silent during the summer of 2023 after rusting ironwork caused the historic bell to shatter.

However, this week a Helston Town Council spokesperson shared an update about the status of a new bell. They said: “Exciting news! Our new bronze bell has been cast, tuned, and drilled ready for fitting.

“Flora Day is fast approaching so the pressure has been on to pull out all the stops trying to get the new bell installed.”

The council said that Taylor Bell Foundry has given an installation date of Wednesday, May 1, which lands on the Mayday Parade celebrations. However, the council have liaised with Helston Town Band to ensure the installation does not affect the parade.

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There will also be a road closure in place and additional road traffic restrictions to ensure the safety of anyone visiting Helston while the crane is operating.

The council spokesperson said: “We are working hard to maintain access as much as possible but the area directly outside the Guildhall will be closed from 8am which will cause disruption to the bus services.

“There will also be restricted access for large vehicles to Meneage Street, Wendron Street, Church Street and Coinagehall Street.”

The council also noted that while the closure is in place, it will not be possible to access Coinagehall Street from Meneage Street and there will be no through access from Coinagehall Street or Church Street to Wendron Street. Diversionary routes will be in place.

“We anticipate the closure will need to be in place for around six hours whilst the bell is installed and will lift the closure as soon as we are able.

“Once our new bell is in place, Cumbria Clocks will fit the repaired hammer and service our clock.

“All being well, our beautiful new bell will be installed and ready to ring out for the commencement of our Flora Day dances on May 8.”