A full closure order has been granted on a property in Truro, following significant anti-social behaviour by the occupants of the property over a prolonged period of time.

After extensive work by the police and the local authority to resolve the issues caused by the resident of the Trevethenick Road property, an application for a full closure order on the property was submitted to Truro Magistrates Court, after all other avenues of resolving the matter had been unsuccessful.

Local residents had raised concerns of repeated anti-social behaviour from the property, which required action from the police and partners including the Truro Anti-Social Behaviour Team and LiveWest housing association. 

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On Wednesday, March 17, Truro Magistrates Court granted the full closure order on the property for three months, meaning that no one can enter the property during that time, except for housing association representatives or the emergency services. If anyone is found to be entering the property whilst the closure order is in place, they risk an unlimited fine, imprisonment, or both.

The police and partners welcome this result, as it means local residents can live peacefully within their community, without the worry and upset caused by the residents’ anti-social behaviour.

Acting Sergeant Dan Robins, from the Truro neighbourhood policing team, said: “The decision to close the property was not made lightly. We had tried on numerous occasions to support the resident to rectify the situation with our partner agencies, but sadly they were unwilling to engage with us, so we submitted the closure order application to restore peace within the local community and safeguard local residents.”

The police have acted on reports from concerned members of the public and gathered intelligence from the local community to fully understand what the individual was doing, and how significantly this was impacting the community.

The closure order was a final resort following efforts to engage with the individual to put an end to their anti-social behaviour. Although they have been unwilling to engage with the police or local authority previously, the teams are still working with the individual to encourage them to engage with support services to help them address their behaviour.

Acting Sergeant Robins added: “We would like to thank the community for their ongoing support and patience whilst we have been resolving this issue. This positive result was possible due to the excellent intelligence the community provided.”

“We work closely with our partners to put a stop to anti-social behaviour and make Truro a safe and peaceful place to live for all.

"If you have any concerns or if you are experiencing anti-social behaviour in your community, please get in touch.”