A young mum who died in bed after a night of heavy cocaine use with her drug addict boyfriend had been planning for the future, an inquest was told. 

Edyn Williams, 21, was found unresponsive in bed by Jacob Suddaby at the home they shared in Porthleven on August 11, 2023.

In a statement read out at the inquest today by assistant coroner Emma Hillson, Mr Suddaby said the couple had been in a relationship for three years and both suffered from addiction issues with both of them addicted to cocaine.

He said they’d had a child together who had been taken into care in November 2022 and Edyn had suffered mental health issues and depression because of this.

He said following a night of heavy cocaine use the couple had gone to bed together in the early hours of August 11.

He said when he woke between three and 4pm that afternoon he found Edyn unresponsive next to him.

In a panic he dialled 999 and the operator told him to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived, but he said he knew she’d “already gone”.

He said when the paramedics arrived they took over CPR and when they cut her clothing to use the defibrillator a small bag of cocaine fell out of her bra.

“The paramedic threw it at me and I kept it,” he said. He said he didn’t know why he kept it but it was handed over to the police when they arrived.

He said a month before Edyn’s death he had also suffered a near fatal overdose.

A paramedic who attended told the inquest that when he’d found the small pink tinted bag in Edyn’s bra, Mr Suddaby had told him it was cocaine.

He said they also found a clear bag of pills in the bedding which they handed to police.

Edyn’s mum Donna Williams told the inquest that all three of Edyn’s children had been taken into care. The inquest also heard that her first child she had when she was 16 had died a year later.

Ms Williams said before she met Mr Suddaby, her daughter had not taken drugs.

She said despite the trauma of losing her first child and the other three being taken into care, her daughter had not threatened suicide and had access to her son.

She said the day before her death Edyn had messaged her mum saying she was looking forward to seeing her son.

Her GP surgery said Edyn had been to see them about heart pain due to cocaine use and abdominal issues which she was given treatment for.

The inquest heard she was not known to drug and alcohol services and had had no mental health input since 2017.

She had suffered significant trauma in her life, especially when her child passed away in 2018 and she’d had a difficult time. She would be tearful discussing her children and she was under financial pressures and couldn’t sleep.

The officer in charge of investigating the case DC Amanda Gilbert said that she’d seen messages showing Edyn had future plans to see her son and despite a high recreational use of cocaine, there was no evidence she intended to take her own life or of third party involvement. She said Edyn had never made threats to commit suicide.

A post mortem found the cause of death was cocaine toxicity. There was no obvious natural cause of death although there was a very mild pulmonary edema.

There were no significant findings apart from a fatal level of cocaine indicating high recreational use. It found that death occurred within two hours of last usage.

A cocktail of drugs was found in her system and the combination may have caused “excess sedations”. Fatal arrhythmia was the cause of death.

Coroner Emma Hillson found that Edyn had suffered a drug related death.