Data requested on burglaries in the Falmouth and Penryn area in 2023 in a Packet Freedom of Information request has revealed some shocking statistics.

The Falmouth Packet put in a Freedom of Information request to Devon and Cornwall Police for details of burglaries in the Falmouth and Penryn area including wards of Arwenack, Boslowick, Penwerris and Trescobeas as well as Constantine, Gwennap, Mabe, Mawnan Smith and Mylor Bridge.

While crime figures for Devon and Cornwall are some of the lowest in the country, the figures show that there were 69 reported burglaries in total in these areas during 2023, 44 residential and 25 from business or community premises.

However out of all those reported burglaries, just one at a business premise resulted in a charge or summons to court, although it is not revealed whether there was a conviction.

The statistics also show that 17 of the total reported burglaries in 2023 classed as “business and community” and another 27 classed as “residential” were closed with no suspect being found.

A further five burglaries, two business and three residential, led to a suspect, but had insufficient evidence to make a charge, and an additional three resulted in the suspect or victim declining to cooperate.

One reported business burglary and four residential burglaries were given support by Devon and Cornwall Police.

In another five cases the victims gave no support to the police.

Items stolen range from Airsoft Guns to watches with power tools, bicycles, money, wallets, handbags, games consoles, bank cards, clothing, mobile phones, laptops, watches and jewellery being the obvious one.

Unusual things stolen include a vacuum cleaner, scrap metal, mattress, sleeping bag, fishing gear and even CCTV equipment.

In response to the statistics, Inspector Tim Evans from Falmouth Police Station said: “While burglary offences in our area are extremely rare, making up a very small proportion of the crime statistics, we do not underestimate the impact that invasive crime has on victims and on the local community.

“We treat all burglaries as a priority. Each report is reviewed by CID who explore all investigative opportunities. Neighbourhood teams also review these incidents which inform the proactive policing response ensuring that we are patrolling the right areas as a way of reassurance and as a deterrent.

“Proving who is responsible for this type of offending will often rely upon forensic evidence, witness evidence, CCTV systems and dashcam footage. Charging decisions will then be based upon the realistic prospect of a prosecution.

“We would encourage all homeowners to review their security arrangements and consider installing security systems to include alarms and CCTV to deter any offending. The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is another way of deterring burglary offences.

“Anyone who notices any suspicious activity in their neighbourhood should report this to us via our website or by calling 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency.

“Information can also be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 111 555.

“For further crime prevention advice please visit the following link; Crime prevention advice | Devon & Cornwall Police (”

The ONS (Office of National Statistics) has today confirmed that Devon and Cornwall are among the safest counties in England and Wales, with the second lowest crime rate of all police force areas.

The ONS figures measure 14 crime categories and the Force is ranked in the top three for seven of them and in the top five for one more.

Like other forces around the country, Devon and Cornwall Police says it is dealing with the consequences of the ongoing cost of living crisis, which is reflected in the figures by a rise in theft and other acquisitive crime.

For example, Devon and Cornwall has seen a rise in shoplifting offences but still has the third lowest rate of any police area in the country for that type of crime.