Falmouth-based Peaky Digital, a prominent marketing agency, has made it to the finals of the 2024 European Search Awards.

The digital agency's nomination reflects its fruitful partnership with the Perranporth-based brand Circular&Co., which has led to an increase in market share for their eco-friendly, recyclable cups and increased awareness in their returnable cups scheme.

In addition to this prestigious acknowledgment, Peaky Digital announced recently that they were also finalists at the UK Culture Awards and the UK & Ireland Inspiring Workplaces Awards.

All three ceremonies are scheduled for May.

Natalie Temple, managing director said: "I'm incredibly proud of the team being shortlisted for our first European Search Award and even more so for it being based on the success with one of our longest-standing clients.

"We’re really looking forward to the awards ceremony next month!"

Meanwhile, the sales & partnerships manager, Ben Clements, said: "Finding out that we'd been shortlisted was an amazing feeling!! To see both the team's hard work and also our client’s efforts too recognised by such a prestigious award is fantastic.

"I'm chuffed for everyone involved and deep down really wanting us to come back from Prague to Falmouth as the overall winners!"

Rachael Pearce, client services manager, stressed the strength of their partnership with Circular&Co., as she said "Over the years we've fostered a strong relationship with Circular&Co. and partnered with them through multiple stages of growth.

"We’ve got some ambitious plans over the next few months as they continue their work to become the leading enabler of circularity in hospitality businesses!"

Peaky Digital will be landing in Prague with their team to celebrate these tremendous achievements and the ceremony on May 22.