A charity supporting bereaved parents is expanding its services further into Cornwall.

Luna's Fund, in partnership with the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, will broaden its reach to support families in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

It was established by Aimee and Ryan Conroy in memory of their late daughter Luna Valentina Conroy.

The charity offers support to grieving mothers and fathers based on their first-hand experiences, having established successful provision in the Plymouth area since 2018.

CEO of Luna's Fund, Aimee Conroy, said: "We are thrilled to finally be offering our support to the parents and wider family of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust.

"Luna was born in Cornwall so we established early on that we wanted to cover the whole of Cornwall as quickly as possible.

"The impact our services will have on Cornish families will be invaluable."

Falmouth Packet: Luna's Fund will broaden its reach to support families in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Sarah-Jane Pedler, consultant midwife at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "We are delighted that Luna’s Fund have reached out to the families of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

"The Luna’s Fund team are inspirational, highly organised, and full of passion, their support will be deeply valued by bereaved families and the bereavement team who care for them."

Luna's Fund services include weekly food shopping delivery, relaxing getaway breaks, nursery redecoration, support groups, private antenatal scans, and an annual family day aimed at building a community of support for bereaved families.

The Conroys created these services in an effort to fill a void they discovered in practical and emotional support for bereaved parents.

Aimee Conroy said: "Thank you to every single person who has supported to us and donated thus far.

"Thanks to your generosity and support we are able to extend our love and compassion to even more families who need us."

As Luna's Fund continues its mission in Cornwall, it seeks to generate informed and well-supported bereaved parents able to champion better bereavement care.