An international disaster relief charity has issued an urgent appeal for volunteers across the Cornwall and the Westcountry to help support communities.

ShelterBox, known for providing emergency shelter and essential support to disaster-stricken areas, is urgently seeking volunteer ambassadors.

Following an increase in global emergencies, the charity aims to widen its reach.

Volunteers are crucial to ShelterBox's mission, and the charity is actively reaching out to potential participants to join its global humanitarian network.

Jenn Sandiford, community volunteer engagement officer for ShelterBox, highlighted that volunteers have always been at the core of ShelterBox’s operations since its inception 20 years ago.

She said: "Without our ambassadors, we would not have the capacity and reach we have in amplifying the voices of people affected by disaster and conflict".

Cathy Ryan, a ShelterBox volunteer of nearly two years, found motivation in the charity's key aim - ‘no one without shelter after disaster’.

That phrase, according to Ms Ryan, resonated deeply with her, inspiring her to dedicate her time to contribute to the cause.

Falmouth Packet:

ShelterBox supports displaced individuals worldwide, including countries like Malawi, where severe flooding has adversely impacted thousands of people, and Gaza, where conflict-induced displacement has affected 1.7 million inhabitants.

In response, the charity is working with local partners and Rotary to provide tents and essential items such as sleeping mats, blankets, and water carriers.

Ms Sandiford added: "Our ambassadors get involved in many ways, ranging from giving presentations about our work to hosting stalls at local fetes, organising community activities, and promoting our work on social media".

She emphasised that volunteers do not necessarily have to be located in particular regions to take part; the charity welcomes individuals from Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset.

Volunteering for ShelterBox is moulded around the volunteers' skills and availability, affording flexibility while ensuring that every contribution aids in creating a sustainable future for communities in need.

Since its establishment in 2000, ShelterBox has assisted more than 2.5 million individuals in approximately 100 countries.

From providing emergency shelter to distributing essential household items, their tailored approach caters to the unique needs of each affected region.

For those interested in joining ShelterBox's team of volunteers, contact Jenn Sandiford at or visit