Newquay BID will launch its new Safe Space initiative this month.

The project, aimed at protecting vulnerable individuals, is set to officially open on May 14 at 9.30am at Newquay Library.

Safe Spaces will be provided in 17 local establishments, including businesses with trained personnel to render aid when necessary.

This could range from making a distress phone call on behalf of a distressed individual to contacting emergency services in situations where crime or danger is imminent.

It forms a crucial part of Newquay's already robust safety measures, serving as an additional layer of protection.

Safe Space is financially backed by the Devon & Cornwall Police and the Boardmasters Foundation.

Newquay BID's Mark Warren said: “We feel that the town is fast becoming an even more welcoming and safe space, we already have a whole town approach system with communications between CCTV and businesses.

"Our new Safe Space initiative will provide an additional layer of safety within the community that is supported by local businesses, Devon and Cornwall police, and the Town Council."

He added that Newquay's major success in reducing crime rates is set to be bolstered even further by the Safe Space initiative.

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John Topham, Boardmasters Festival's CEO and founder, said: “We’re delighted that through the Boardmasters Foundation we’re able to support the Newquay Safe Spaces initiative."

With this endeavour, Newquay aspires to be the first town in the country to provide a full-coverage safety model.

CLEAR, a local charity, has provided training for the initiative, garnering additional support from Devon & Cornwall Police, Newquay Town Council, local businesses, and the Town Mayor.

Inspector Guy Blackford for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “We welcome the Newquay Safe Spaces initiative to help protect vulnerable people in the area.

"At the same time, Mayor of Newquay Margaret North proudly proclaimed that Newquay would spearhead this innovative approach to safety in towns.

Newquay BID are now urging more businesses to become a part of this initiative.

Those who wish to register their premises as a Safe Space may contact: